I'm Ramsey KYles, the video editing Prince of Marina del Rey, where the sea breeze fuels my creative superpowers. Since 2016, I’ve been handling footage with the finesse of a sushi chef, all while juggling the chaotic beauty of post-production life.
My skills? Oh, they’re as varied as the flavors in a gourmet LA taco truck. Asset management? I’ve got files so organized, Marie Kondo asks me for tips. Assistant editing? I’m the Robin to every lead editor’s Batman, the Watson to their Sherlock, the fries to their burger. Photo restoration? I bring back colors so vivid, you’d think the '70s were making a comeback. 
Let’s just say, I’ve worked with brands so big, they have their own zip codes. From commercials that make you laugh so hard you forget what they’re selling, to documentaries that touch your heart, I’ve done it all. And I do it with a smile, a click, and the occasional explicative when the render takes too long!
So if you’re in need of a video editor who can not only cut through footage but also cut up in the break room, I’m your person. Let’s make some magic...and maybe a few blooper reels along the way!

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